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Our Start

When biometrics professionals met in early 2000, they were essential in establishing the National Live Scan Fingerprinting Association, the National Fingerprinting Association, and the Biometrics Association. They were made aware that many persons interested in opening a live scan fingerprinting business were often discouraged by outdated and erroneous information and were frequently duped by equipment providers into purchasing equipment they did not require and in some cases could not use in their state.


They recognized a need for individuals interested in starting their own live scan business to obtain training and knowledge. They collaborated effectively to create, deploy, and administer the world's first comprehensive live scan fingerprint training system, as well as the development and management of readily available and much-needed live scan fingerprint training.

Our goal is to ensure that anyone interested in starting a live scan business has access to all of the tools and information they require for their state-specific regulations, guidelines, and protocols, as well as a clear grasp of the different equipment and software options that are available to them. By providing not only instruction but also dependable solutions that are presented in an easy to grasp format. NFA's division works together with other organizations to ensure that its students have everything they need to be successful in their tasks in all 50 states. 

Training Options Have Been Made Simple

Individuals who are interested in starting a live scan business will be completely confident in all aspects of the business, including the legislation, protocols, and guidelines for their specific state, as well as the various equipment options available, thanks to a variety of training modules and comprehensive one-on-one live consultations.

Our Mission
Providing high-quality biometric training across the United States 
With innovative Education, Supplies, Marketing, Certification, and Services, we exceed our students' expectations and experiences.

Our Goal

To be the most dependable source for Live Scan and Ink Card Fingerprinting Education in the United States.

Our Core Values

  • We are a global community that cares about our employees and students.

  • We provide Biometric Training with the utmost precision, speed, and enthusiasm

  • We generate long-term growth for everyone.

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