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Start a Live Scan Business

Live Scan Classes

Nationwide Biometric Trainers Since 2000



All-Inclusive Class Includes

  • How to Roll Live Scan Fingerprints

  • How to Roll Ink Card Fingerprints

  • Live Scan Fingerprinting Business

  • Mobile Fingerprinting Business


Training Includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Live Scan Fingerprinting Training

  • How to Roll Live Scan Fingerprints

  • How to Roll Ink Card Fingerprints

  • Fingerprint Patterns

  • Proper Grasp Techniques

  • Proper Equipment

  • Equipment Options

  • Proper Supplies

  • Identification

  • AFIS

  • What is a Background Check

  • Contracts & Agreements for Live Scan Service (Group Service)

  • Live Scan Fingerprinting Software

  • Mobile Service Rates

  • Who's Your Customer

  • Marketing Options

  • Do’s & Don’ts

  • Fee’s what to charge

  • Travel Fee

  • Trouble Shooting

  • Certification of Completion


The online Live Scan Business Training Course will cover all applicable state and federal regulations, guidelines, and best practices. You now have a step-by-step guide on how to get started.


Additionally, Live Scan Training options such as passport DS-82 or ATF Web portals, FINRA, FDLE, and Child Fingerprint Capture, among several other features allowed in each state.


Certification as a Fingerprint Roller is the first step toward establishing a successful career in the biometrics industry. You will learn how to become a certified live scan fingerprint roller. During your certification program, the curriculum provides an in-depth introduction to the Live Scan Biometric Industry, with a particular emphasis on the perspective of a Live Scan Technician.

The following topics will be discussed and demonstrated in practical hands-on applications:


Requirements and Procedures for Live Scan
Request for Form Review of Live Scan
Data Entry in the Descriptive Style
Techniques for Rolling Fingerprints

Reputable Equipment & Software

National Live Scan Association® helps you succeed
NFA  guides you to get wherever you want to go as a Live Scan Business, whether it's part-time work or full-time business


Training Options

Promotion price NOT listed


Go at your own pace, limited three month access,


Live in real time one-on-one training via zoom.


Business In A Box all inclusive UNLIMITED ACCESS.


In person training all 50 states

Train in California Facility.


Start a Live Scan Business

Getting Started in The Biometric Industry, Starting a Live Scan Business


Live Scan Fingerprinting business offers fingerprinting services for the public in need of background checks. Providing individuals seeking Certification, Licensing, Employment, Foster Parenting, EMT's, Teachers, School employees, Day Care, and thousands more.

Live Scan business services can be added to an already existing business, or solely as a Live Scan Agency/Live Scan Business. Services provided can include, mobile live scan, group live scan, ink card fingerprinting, child fingerprinting, and much more. Click find out how for live scan classes.

mobile live scan'.png

Mobile Fingerprinting Business

One of the most appealing aspects of starting a Live Scan Fingerprinting business is the variety of services that can be offered. If your customers require Live Scan Fingerprinting or Ink Card Fingerprinting, you will be fully prepared to meet their requirements. A thorough training program in the Mobile Fingerprinting Business will ensure that you are ready and prepared to enter this lucrative field of endeavor.


Ink Card Fingerprinting
Quick Way To Get Started in The Biometric Industry

Ink Card Fingerprinting Class

Learn all rolling techniques, proper grasp,  guidelines procedures and regulations for rolling Ink Card Fingerprints. Customers obtaining a criminal history record from another state or country and immigration documents are required to obtain FBI Ink Card rolled prints. 


 Employers TRUSTED Training  Solutions

Employers |  Live Scan Training  Solution

One simple choice can make your team’s performance skyrocket. Ensure your staff is in full compliance and are following all State regulations.  By incorporating proper Live Scan Fingerprint training methods, employees can develop a more effective skill set assuring your customers' satisfaction and your companies bottom line.

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